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Wellness, Facial and Weight Control Center

We offer an authentic, traditional Thai experience without sacrificing hygiene. We follow and implement all the latest safety standards in our operations. Whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, everyone will love our menu of services. Every single one of our therapist are certified by the Thai SPA Association. We believe in being the best value for money. For us, that means not offering you the cheapest or most expensive services but instead giving our guests what they need at a price point and quality level they can be happy with.


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Postpartum Treatment

The only place in the world to combine two traditional South East Asian treatments for postpartum slimming. We fused the traditional Mayalsian Bengkung (belly binding) and Thailand's Yoofai, a special massage & spa treatment for new mothers, a powerful combination for postpartum slimming.



You don't build a house without a solid foundation, that's why Thai massages always begin with the feet as they are rich with nerves and pressure points that affect the whole body. Thai Massage does not usually advise isolating one body part for massage, however, the feet are different as it is intimately connected to our entire body. Thus a foot massage relaxes the whole body.



A facial is the perfect compliment to a massage so you can feel the rejuvenation on the inside and out.


Body Scrub

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. A body scrub will aid detoxification pathways, circulation and look better.



Massages are a time-tested and popular technique for easing tension, relieving stress, promoting circulation in the blood vessels as well as flexibility of various parts of the body.

Types of Thai Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
    This is the most popular form of massage in Thailand, and it's also one of its oldest. It combines acupressure and the stretching similar to Yoga postures. It's usually performed on a mat on the floor while fully clothed, no massage table needed. This form is ideal for muscle and joint tensions while providing complete relaxation.
  • Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage
    This type of Thai massage focuses on stimulating the energy lines, or sen lines in your body. Rather than using stretching techniques, this technique relies almost entirely on pressure to stimulate acupressure points and release tension from muscle tissues. It also improves blood circulation by stimulating skin with the aromatherapy oils while softening your skin and calming your mind.
  • Thai Foot Massage
    This method applies pressure on specific areas of the sole of the feet which corresponds to different organs and aids in their function while detoxifying the body. Thai foot massage is also relaxing as it relieves fascia tension throughout the body.
  • Herbal Compress Massage
    The hot herbal compress is a mix of various herbs and tightly wrapped in cloth that will be steamed until very hot. Once it reaches the ideal temperature, the massage therapist will press the wrap onto your entire body to soothe sore muscles, at first very lightly when the compress is very hot and then strongly as it cools. Along with being a great way to relieve pain, it also increases muscle tone, improves skin tone and aids metabolism.

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